Thursday, January 20, 2011

Count down

Today was January 14th. Our time with WOW was quiet, but we really are beginning to bond with the ladies that know us now. Piphany and I got her started on a new project. Dee promised she would practice! Good connections all around today. We were missing one familiar face - Marilyn. You all might remember Marilyn in one of the earliest posts by JT. It was our first group visit to the HSC and JT came for the 13 Fridays kick off. Marilyn and her husband Mac had only been at the campus for a few days.

I'm happy to say that the reason Marilyn wasn't at WOW is that she got a job! I hope it isn't the last we see of her - for one reason, she's become an awesome crocheter! But we all enjoyed Marilyn's hope and optimism in the midst of her situation. Greta especially has bonded with Marilyn. After teaching her to crochet, Greta made a point of coming each Friday, just to spend time with Marilyn. She has been one of the inspiring characters we've all had the pleasure to meet during our time with 13 Fridays.

We only have a couple more weeks before the 13 Friday project comes to a close. I feel sure my connections will last beyond.

This is Greta on 12/03 (in red) when she first taught Marilyn to crochet. She was a fast learner!

Kate Benjamin and Meghan Olesen - faithful regulars of 13 Fridays.



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