Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Charlie and Elisa

Last Friday, November 19th was a busy day at the HSC. We met a number of people, and I was joined by 4 other 13 Friday knitters!

Meet Charlie and Elisa, 2 lucky recipients of our hats. (Elisa lucked out, that was really a nice hat, just sayin'.) Charlie stayed for sometime and talked, and talked. He had a very positive outlook on things, but a guarded one too. At his age, he has seen it all, and he still lives on the street. He didn't share his history with us, but he did share that he's "seen a lot of miracles, a lot of miracles happen". I hope we see him again.

 And here is Elisa. She was happy to get her hat. She came around early and got a hat that matched the, uh, colorfulness of her outfit. Elisa didn't have much to say, but she was happy for me to take her picture.

Later, I looked across the yard. Elisa was napping, and you can see two knitters, Cattryn and Susan, working away and carrying on their own visit. I don't know the gentleman's name to whom they are talking, but he is a familiar face, and the knitting is a familiar scene for him. He claims his mom taught him as a kid. He likes to hang around us knitters.

Back to Elisa, I'm going to be honest, I was worried about her losing that hat!! But I kept my eye on her as the day wore on. When she awoke for lunch, she bent down, picked it up and put it back on. It's officially her hat now.

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