Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day After Thanksgiving: A Family Affair

I invited my brother and his daughter Sarah -- visiting from Iowa -- to join me for my second visit to CASS. Sarah had learned how to crochet from some family friends. She started working with some beautiful blue yarn and quickly finished her first hat as I finished my second.

It was a beautiful day and the three of us enjoyed sitting in the sun together as we worked and talked to one of the residents, a young man who had approached our table and seemed happy to talk. He was waiting for his check so he could buy a bus ticket and return to the Pacific Northwest, where he had lived before he decided to seek adventure in Arizona. With some encouragement from us, he found a bright red hat for himself among the tree branches where Ann had placed the finished hats. It matched his red jacket. I hoped it would help him find his way safely home.

The warm sunshine and the repetition of the stitches conferred a sense of calm and order. With relative ease, many small stitches bring forth a piece of fiber, creating both form and function from a length of yarn. Quite a feeling of accomplishment and wonder!

As we left the campus, we admired the handiwork of the other women in the 13Fridays group, most of whom have taken on more complicated patterns -- but we weren't sorry we chose the easy route of a single crochet stitch and single color.

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  1. It is so good to know that as soon as Sarah finished her hat, it was spotted and given to Amanda, a resident at the HSC. It was very warming to see you and your family come and join us the day after Thanksgiving, JT.