Sunday, November 14, 2010

David's Hat

On Friday, November 12th, I had finished this hat to take down for gifting at the HSC. I'll be honest, last week I took 2 hats down, and set them at my feet, and got so involved with James, no one else came around to look at the hats. I was beginning to think that maybe these just weren't anything people wanted.

But today, we set the hats up on the base of a lamp post, a little bit away from where we were sitting, and during the course of the 4 hours we were there, all the hats were taken!

This hat went to "David", who ended up hanging around chatting off and on throughout the day. You might hear more about David from my daughter, Meghan - who joined me, along with a long-time colleague, JT for the first official group day of the 13 Fridays project.

Here's Meghan with one of the hats in the foreground - this one was the last to go, but sure enough, by the end of the day, it found an owner.

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