Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching Up

Meghan with Mai - talking about crochet
I'm so behind in posting such an important group of photos from our W.O.W. knitting and crochet workshop! We've actually had 3 sessions now - these images being from our second class on 12/3.

Teaching is rewarding, lots of these women may have crocheted before, but not since childhood. The one frustration is that often we work with someone one week and the following week, they aren't in class.

We hope that as time goes by, there will be continuity in some of the participants in the class.

With not having a way for the ladies to practice between sessions, it is difficult to maintain a connection from class to class.

Still, after class, I stayed on campus a bit to knit my own work and was able to give Marilyn, and a new friend, Ruth (who I will write about separately) their yarn and needles back and they actually worked out on the lawn for a while. 

In truth, though, the ladies like it better inside the classroom. At first I thought, "Come on, we'll sit outside, why won't you?" But it didn't take me long to realize that this room is an escape for the women. A quiet, warm place to be together, away from the realities of the crowd outside. No profanities, no yelling, no heavy conversations. Just a place away to feel the yarn between their fingers and hear Tillie constantly building them up, telling them they are beautiful, they are worthy.

I need Miss Tillie during my day sometimes too.

Greta teaching Marilyn to crochet
Marilyn feels so excited about her progress!

Celeste and Jeanne getting the hang of crochet.

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