Monday, December 13, 2010

Ruth Ann

Well, I've met a master crocheter - her name is Ruth Ann. She came to our session this past Friday. Ruth has obvious problems. She is relegated to a motorized wheelchair which is packed to the brim with her things. She explained through her repetitive speech pattern that she is here because she cannot find a place to live that she can afford with her disability payments because . . . the doors are not wide enough in most places to accommodate her wheelchair. Being a motorized one, it is about 4-6" too wide for the standard door jam. Now, there could surely be more issues with Ruth, you might guess this from her way of expressing herself. But in some ways, she was so excited to just be ABLE to express herself, she couldn't help but stumble over herself trying to speak.

The one thing about Ruth is that she has been crocheting since she was a girl - so she always carries a crochet needle with her. But in checking into the sleeping room at CASS, it seems it was confiscated - could be used as a weapon. So her one solace, the one thing that she can still do was taken away.  To those of us who knit or crochet - it is painful to hear this.

So it is no surprise that she showed up at our workshop on Friday - and boy can she crochet!! I hope we see Ruth next week.

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