Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hats on Christmas Eve

Today was a special day for sure - with the W.O.W. party and all the prep leading up to it. But we still had hats to share, some new visitors to the project and some time to sit in the sun before heading home to our own family celebrations. Today's participants for knitting/crocheting were Meghan (ever faithful), Kate Benjamin was back again!, Tané Clark came for the first time today, and my youngest daughter, Gracie (no knitting, but lots of good cheer!) We had more visitors today at the big party, so be sure to check out the post - Christmas Eve with WOW!

Here are our hats for today:

Cattryn (or Susan?)

Gracie (made by Grandma Cheryl)




Tané (headband)
Tané (matching scarf)

Hat shopper.

Meghan, Kate B. and Gracie

Me and Tané

Tilllie in the hat Cattryn made for her for the party.

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