Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve with W.O.W.!

When I sat down to conceptualize this project, and the idea of the 13 Fridays came to mind, as I looked over each future Friday, I knew that one of them was going to fall on Christmas Eve. In my mind, I thought, well, OK, I'll sit and knit in the morning - then on to the family celebration that night - our family has a big get together and a gift exchange on Christmas Eve. Little did I realize that A.) the family celebration was to land at our home!, and B.) the quiet session of knitting at the HSC would become something quite different!

If you've been following this blog, then you know that on November 19th, we met Tilllie (with 3 "L"s). With the holidays approaching, Tilllie gave me a wish list for the ladies in the W.O.W. group. I in turn sent a copy of that list out to the 13 Fridays group and my general email "art alert" list. I didn't know what to expect, but the generosity was over-the-top amazing! We amassed so much to give! Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, toiletries of every kind, first aid supplies, make up, brushes, combs, sanitary products, socks, gloves, scarves, underwear, coats, and Lisa Takata out of the blue stepped up to make cloth gift bags, which became invaluable! My sister-in-law Gayle made 50 scarves! Also, Angela Cazel Jahn and Frances McMahon came in with their own 13 gifts bags to add to the fest. (in honor of 13 Fridays) Having these extra gifts was a GOOD THING because . . .

We were prepared for about 27 ladies, thinking our core group was about 20 and we'd have some "extras". Well, once the word got out, some estimated there were nearly 100 ladies who came to the party! The W.O.W. ladies were allowed to go through the food line first and get their gift choices first - miraculously, everyone walked away with some food and with a gift of some kind. 

Here is a list of known donors to this fun day. (in no particular order) There are others, who, through someone on this list made contributions - I thank you all - I'm truly overwhelmed.

Janet Traylor
Angela Cazel Jahn
Frances McMahon Ward
Josie Young
Jill Spear
Robin Speranza
Paula Kornegay
Louise Roman
Nancy Wanek/Telerana Weaving Guild
Diane Wolf/Telerana Weaving Guild
Bobbie Nash/Telerana Weaving Guild
Lisa Takata
Kimber Lanning
Michelle Mayfield
A. Brooke Heuts
Kelsey Wiskirchen
Gayle Timmerman
Lauren Casillas
Gracie Timmerman
Anonymous woman at Target:
      who, upon hearing about the project bought 10-$10 gift cards on the spot!

And the brave and consistent Angels of this project:
Meghan Olesen
Susan Casillas
Cattryn Somers
Greta Somers

The photos below show our prep in pulling the items for the bags together, and scenes from the party. I'm going to say right here, that most of the food and the blankets and pillows for each lady were all from Cattryn, Susan and Cattryn's mom Greta. In addition, my daughter Meghan made a big order of chicken per the W.O.W. ladies' request. When I walked into the party room, I couldn't believe my eyes! What a spread. I knew we were in for something special!

Tilllie's Wish List

My dining room table before filling the bags!

The angels of this project! (Meghan, Susan and Cattryn - minus Greta!)

Re-filling travel-sized bottles with shampoos and conditioners - these ladies cannot carry the large bottles with them.

Lots of great coats and sweaters.

Underwear, gloves, socks and scarves.

Filled bags ready for transport.

Scenes from the party . . .

There's Greta finishing the gift tables - we had to hide the bags under to table to make sure the W.O.W. ladies got them first!

The food tables - we are ready to serve!

The party crowd - and this isn't everyone!

The bags went SO FAST!

A lucky recipient

Another sweet lady, loaded up.

We LOVE TiLLLie! We all had our own gifts for her after the chaos of the party was over.

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